Four great colors
(pink, blue, orange and grey)

Introducing Funny Wheels -

“Barely walking to almost flying...the fun keeps growing!”

This stylish and original pushbike keeps expanding along with children’s skills! Featuring adjustable axle heights front and rear, Funny Wheels is perfectly suited for kids of all ages and sizes. And the unique rear-fork design allows Funny Wheels to change from a three-wheel pushbike to a two-wheel balance bike in just minutes!

As a three-wheel pushbike, Funny Wheels combines a sense of safety and security with the incredible joy of freedom and movement. The restricted range of the handlebar radius helps prevent children from crashing, and the handlebar grips protect children’s hands from smashing.

As a two-wheel balance bike, Funny Wheels teaches more advanced riders the skills they need for all future cycling, while maintaining the same levels of safety.

Funny Wheels pushbikes are designed and manufactured in the EU, utilizing the finest materials and craftsmanship. The two-wheel axle and tool kit are included, along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to simply transform the bike in just minutes.

Funny Wheels comes in two exciting models in six spectacular colors!
    Basic - four great colors (pink, blue, orange and grey)
    Sport – two amazing colors (green and yellow) featuring matching soft grips and number decal

The Funny Wheels pushbike promises to be the most talked-about new toy of the year! And the project will continue to grow, with new wheeled variations and editions every year, along with creative add-ons to customize every child’s ride!

Funny Wheels - the fun keeps growing!


Martin Trik
Spolková 31, 312 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic


Michael G. Maurer
Director of International Sales and Marketing

+420 724 930 159